(Romeu: escutcheons and heraldry)


Early escutcheon

Romeu from Ripoll

Romeu from Lleida

Generic.Gold shell


Etymology: According to J.Coromines Etymological D.: Romeu (pilgrim) of the Latin romaeus and this of the Greek romaios, properly “roman”, it applied in the East Empire to the westerners that were crossing it in pilgrinage to Holy Earth. Applied also, afterwards, to the pilgrims of Santiago or of Rome.


Romeu from Catalonia

Silver shell

Eagle and rosemary

Catalonia-Aragon (1)


(1) Kept in Barcelona Archive Chapter.

Genealogy: The historians and genealogists are not to reach agreement on the origin of the surname of which, on Catalonia, have to be its first references in the year 1150 (reigning Ramon Berenguer IV, count of Barcelona, husband of Peronella, daughter of Ramir II of Aragon, the Monk) and of a Romeu to the service of the king Alfons I of Catalonia, the Chaste, to the side of who fought in help of the king of Castille in the Cuenca siege (1177). The descendants of this first Romeu, were distinguished in their service to the kings Pere I of Catalonia, the Catholic, in "Las Navas deTolosa" and Jaume I the Conqueror in the conquest of Valencia.

Heraldry: Assorted escutcheons, according to origin, such as are reflected in the images. The pieces and principal figures are: black eagles, gold shells and rosemary branches, red crossings, gold sticks and green dragons. The smalts accustom to be reds and of silver.